the 2022 SaaS Partnerships Awards

PartnerStack customers are a cut above the rest and we’re recognizing those who’ve outdone themselves through partnerships live at STACK’D.

Most Innovative Partner Program

Fearlessly experiments and pushes its program to stand out from the others.

Best Partner Experience

Empowers partners with education, resources, and overall experience.

Up-and-Coming Partner Program

Shows the greatest momentum since launching its program.

Top Use of Technology

Expertly uses its entire tech stack to create value through partnerships.

Partnerships Leader of the Year

A leader who demonstrates ambition and generosity with others.




Partner recruitment, activation, and enablement are three key components to making a partnership successful – and Oyster goes above and beyond to ensure that these three things are seamlessly integrated into their partner's experience. Their dedicated Marketing Hub, built out for affiliate partners, has proven to be a very helpful tool to partners and they have continuously invested in creating email campaigns and resources resulting in great engagement from their partners. Oyster has hit milestone revenue generation numbers this year and continues to grow and scale its partner program to new heights!

Most Innovative Partner Program

Innovation is the cornerstone of any strong partner program and is essential in taking a program to the next level.’s ability to continuously launch new experiments and initiatives on a monthly basis to activate partners exemplifies the ingenuity and power of its partner program. By harnessing data and the various functionalities within PartnerStack, is able to engage effectively with all its partners and run unique challenges that drive concrete results and allow them to push their revenue goals — making their program stand out from the others!


Up-and-Coming Partner Program

Some may say it takes an army to build a strong partner program, but we say it takes someone like Matt Kilmartin! Matt has worked relentlessly to build CertifID's partner program from the ground up, growing it into what it is today. The program can be likened to a well-oiled machine with every part of the program experience being thoroughly thought out, from recruitment and onboarding all the way to engagement. CertifID is using PartnerStack as its one-stop shop for creating custom workflows with unique automation that allows them to strategically engage with partners throughout their journey. They have hit great revenue milestones in a short period of time and are undoubtedly going to continue scaling their program all the way to the top!


Top Use of Technology

Webflow has seen incredible results on PartnerStack and is one of our top 10 customers in building Active Quality Connections through our platform, proving that they are expertly using their tech stack to create value through partnerships. They have seen outstanding growth in their revenue and made massive strides this year by issuing record-breaking partner rewards month over month! Webflow continues to scale its program rapidly and is on the track to exceptional success.

Cory Snyder

Partnerships Leader of the Year

Cory Snyder continues to prove his outstanding leadership abilities at every organization that he has been a part of. He is an advocate for partnerships, fostering strong relationships and growth wherever he goes. In a short period of time at Sendoso, Cory has delivered impactful results by generating significant revenue, implementing various strategic initiatives, and building an ever-growing partner program! Cory thinks outside the box while staying close to market trends to determine how Sendoso can continue to work effectively with its partners and we know he'll continue to be a key player in the partnerships space for years to come.

Early bird gets the worm

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